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Spirit of the Forest


Spirit of the Forest

Jack Wolfskin x Spirit of the Forest

A community battles for the preservation of an ancient beech tree forest, and to save the rich biodiversity and history it beholds.

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In the verdant embrace of Nucșoara, Romania’s ancient beech trees stand as silent witnesses to history, unique wildlife, and a community’s resilience. Spirit of the Forest introduces us to a rich ensemble of characters who echo the forest’s multifaceted ecosystem; from the mayor who found healing through these woodlands, to the conservationist Christoph, working relentlessly to protect the ecosystem, the gifted wildlife photographer Gamander Lopez capturing the region’s vibrant biodiversity, and Ion, the local shepherd elucidating the intricate bonds between the forest and the local culture.

Director: Jamie Jones
Producer: Emily Jones
DOP: Issac Eastgate
Production Company: Park pictures
Platform: Waterbear
Client: Jack Wolfskin